Reviews for Robyn




Miah O.  Robyn has a healing, caring presence. In her bodywork she is able to find what my body needs, even more than I know myself. She brings peace wherever she goes.

Sharon T.  Robyn has a gift of being able to connect energy and direct it to where it is best needed to do the most good. I have had many sessions with Robyn, and I have come away each time more blessed than the time before. She has helped me so many times by connecting the energy so that healing could take place. You can gain so much on many levels from Robyn. 

Tina S.   I made an appointment with Robyn Slagle because I had previously broken my ankle in 3 places and I was still having issues. She used touch and manual manipulation which alleviated the pain. She spoke to me about relaxation and stress relief. I would definitely recommend Robyn to friends and family. 

Mandy S.   Robyn combines her years of training with her intuitive nature. She is a TRUE healer. My sessions with her are filled with peace and healing. 

Kerrin K.  Robyn is a truly gifted healer and intuitive. With just a few small movements she was able to release my neck pain. Her knowledge of so many different modalities gives her the skill set to work on a wide range of conditions!

Heather B.  I’ve had the privilege of being with Robyn for Bowenwork training on two separate occasions. She has a cheerful and relaxed spirit and an inviting energy. Robyn carries this through in her bodywork sessions to provide gentle, intuitive healing. It brings joy to be in her presence!

Renee A.  Robyn is a gifted, compassionate soul. I found my session with her to be a very calming, affective and relaxing experience. I am truly grateful.

Elise A.  I've had healing work done by Robyn several times. Each were amazing experiences. Her energy is quite powerful as she targets an area on the body that needs healing. I encourage anyone to experience the power she provides through her gift. She is but light and love.